Stokke MyCarrier

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Stokke MyCarrier


1-4 weeks

€ 170,00 inc. VAT
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  • € 170,00 inc. VAT
    (3000 grams per Unit)
  • € 170,00 inc. VAT
    (3000 grams per Unit)
  • € 170,00 inc. VAT
    (3000 grams per Unit)
  • € 170,00 inc. VAT
    (3000 grams per Unit)
  • € 170,00 inc. VAT
    (3000 grams per Unit)


~~Stokke MyCarrier

Stokke MyCarrier: 3-in-1 multifunction baby carrier, with perfect ergonomics for you and your baby. You use the baby carrier from birth to preschool age. The Stokke baby carrier is comfortable and safe for your baby, and is made of high tech materials.

MyCarrier consists of three parts: the base frame, abdominal and back carrier. Safely through the double lock carabiners, breathable soft, organic cotton and free of harmful substances.

MyCarrier a perfect fit for adults. On the back of the base frame is an ergonomic aluminum strip for additional support of your back and neck. With handy pockets for keys or debit card and a bag with extra sleeping support for your child.

* Base frame and baby carrier for carrying the baby from 3.5 kg or 53 cm length.
* Begin to wear so your baby looks at you, once your baby can hold his head upright itself, it can look forward. Every child is unique, but a rough estimate is about 4 months.
* If your child looks at you, it is in the "Happy hip position". This is a wide seat where the back, buttocks and thighs are well supported.
* Make sure the child has enough space around the nose and mouth to breath normally.
* Children need variety. We therefore recommend to carry your child not too long in the Stokke MyCarrier. Start with 10-15 minutes.

Back carrier
* Back Carrier and base frame for wearing if your child can sit unaided and is longer than 72 cm.
* Maximum weight 15 kg.
* Slide the aluminum strip in the base frame if you carry the baby on your back. Make sure you secure the strip below the orange band and slide into the bag.
* If your baby falls asleep, use the foldout sofa helping. It's in the bag.

Basic frame for parents
* Pocket on both sides for key card, etc.
* To register for the extended warranty, the serial number can be found on the label in one of the bags.
* The washing label is in one of the pouches.
* When you remove the strip, you can easily fold up the base frame and placed in a bag.




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